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Said & Done, a quickly evolving marketing studio co-founded by dynamic entrepreneurs, faced a common start-up challenge… business growth without the cost management and accounts processes in place.

The Challenge:

The co-founders were operating with job management processes and administrative tasks that worked when it was just the two of them, but quickly presented issues as the business started to scale. Job cost management and expense control was being tracked manually and the business lacked transparent & real time financial information.

At a critical time of growth, the co-founders needed help designing and implementing a bookkeeping system with the right technology platforms, to move them out of manual spreadsheets and paper and into a cloud based system that supported scale and growth.

The Solution:

Our mission was to recommend and implement a comprehensive bookkeeping and job cost management solution to give Said & Done a streamlined processes that would work across their team as the business continued to grow. The first step was to carry out an in-depth review of Said & Done’s existing cost management needs and bookkeeping requirements.

ClockworX then designed and implemented a comprehensive system, utilising three new cloud based tech solutions to support the business with integrated job cost management, receipt collection and accounts payables capture & approval. We also set Said & Done up with a bookkeeping team to support the co-founders with manual monthly processing.

The Result:

Said & Done experienced a significant improvement in job cost management and operational efficiency, the co-founders not only had accurate and transparent financial data, they also had more time to concentrate on their strategic growth and business development. The co-founders reported a dramatic reduction in stress levels and an improved focus on the company’s future.

The collaboration with Said & Done demonstrates how ClockworX’s experience in best practice bookkeeping can dramatically evolve business processes enabling business growth. We are proud to contribute to Said & Done’s ongoing success.

What Said & Done Have To Say:

“Engaging with ClockworX was one of our best decisions. They played a critical role in our early growth by revolutionising our cost management and bookkeeping process and systems and supporting us the business owners by freeing up our time.” Simonne Mearns – Co-Founder, Said & Done.

Is your bookkeeping process best practice and enabling you to access important financial information?

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