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Data Security Policy.

We take data security and information protection seriously.

ClockworX are committed to best practice data security and information protection.

We engage independent experts to implement and monitor our systems organisation wide including AI driven and automated endpoint detection and response engines, to ensure our service delivery and client data are not compromised.

Here is a summary of our Data Security & Information Protection Protocol for your peace of mind:


✔ Servers are installed with firewalls and antivirus software.

✔ Breach notifications are set up.

✔ Destruction register is maintained.

✔ 1Password for password storage.

✔ Practice Protect to provide staff with a ‘single sign-on’, keeping client passwords confidential and limiting ISP addresses for sign-on.

✔ Whitelisting approach is applied to visit websites.

✔ Office 365 Email Encryption.

✔ Two-factor authentication (2FA).

ClockworX Bookkeeping - Safe and Secure


✔ Biometric scanners and access card are required to enter our office.

✔ Physical office locations are monitored by CCTV.

✔ Full time IT security staff.

✔ Users are unable to change any settings on their computers USB’s are disabled.

✔ Printer access is permitted only to management team.


✔ All staff must attend and satisfactorily complete regular data security training sessions.

✔ All staff sign confidentiality agreements.

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