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Payroll Outsourcing.

Any business owner will know that organising and keeping up with the payroll can be a big task. ClockworX offers outsourced Payroll Services, to take the pressure off your business. Whether you are a large or small business, discover how ClockworX can help your business with our Payroll Service below!


What is included in the ClockworX Payroll Services?

Payroll processing has many steps. If you outsource your payroll services to us, we will take care of all of it. We collect important information, such as employee timesheets, hours and attendance, overtime, various leave types including annual, sick and bereavement leave and more. Our services include:
• Calculating earnings, taking shift differentials, overtime, and other pay practices into consideration
• Keeping payroll records
• Submitting to the bank for processing
• Payday filing
• Employee expense claims

Why Outsource Payroll to ClockworX?

Payroll processing can be a huge amount of labour intensive administrative work that can be quite complex and detailed. Outsourcing your payroll to ClockworX frees up time so you can focus on the important things. Spend your precious time on the things that make a material difference to the success of your business. With the latest technology and a 100% paperless cloud-based system, you can get simplified, streamlined, and on-time payroll services from our experts. ClockworX will offer your business more flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy, all for a more cost-effective price. Get in touch today to learn more about our payroll services.

What are Payroll Services?

So, what is payroll? Paying your employees accurately and on time is a hugely important part of owning a business; payroll is how that happens. Payroll is the process of calculating wages, taxes, benefits, and making accurate payments to your employees. Some businesses choose to complete their payroll in-house, but you can save a lot of time and money by outsourcing to ClockworX.

Save yourself and your business time, money, and stress, and get a quote from ClockworX today! The ClockworX Way gives you transparency and ongoing confidence that your accounts are in the best hands.

Experience The ClockworX Way Today.