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Job Costing and Inventory Management.

ClockworX can help you analyse your product / service costs at a job level, to help you optimise profitability and workflow. Learn more about how ClockworX can help you with Job Costing and Inventory Management.


What is Included in Job Costing and Inventory Management Services?

When ClockworX support you with Job Costing and Inventory Management, you receive a detailed breakdown of the costs of each job, broken down into where money is spent. This will often be in three categories; direct labour, material, and overheads. Using this information, a company can measure profitability, benchmark itself with competitors, and confidently plan budgets and operating expenses over long periods.

Why Outsource Job Costing and Inventory Management?

Job Costing and Inventory Management is important for businesses that need to optimise each employee’s time (e.g. reducing time for project completions). The businesses that can really benefit from Job Costing and Inventory Support are often the ones that don’t have the time to carry it out. That’s where we come in. ClockworX has a unique model that gives you constant confidence that your accounts are in the best hands. We will save your company time and money. Get in touch today!

What is Job Costing?

Job Costing tacks all costs and revenue associated with a particular project. Job Costs are usually broken down into three categories: Labour, materials, and overhead. Tracking Job Costs can help you see where your money is going and analyse it to cut costs and increase future job profitability.

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory Management is the ordering, tracking, and selling of your company’s inventory. Inventory Management covers everything your business uses to create its products, from the raw materials to the finished product. Inventory Management helps businesses streamline their inventory and avoid too much or too little concerning customer demand.

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