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GST and FBT Returns Outsourcing.

All GST-registered businesses must declare how much they earn and pay by filing GST returns. Adding FBT returns and keeping track of other IRD compliance requirements can be challenging. That’s where ClockworX can help! We offer outsourced GST and FBT services to make your life easier. Learn more about our IRD compliance services today.


What is included in the ClockworX GST and FBT Services?

If you choose to outsource your GST and FBT services to ClockworX, we will take care of GST return preparation and filing, FBT return preparation and filing, and IRD payment reminders.

Why Outsource GST and FBT Services?

If you outsource your services to ClockworX, you get all the benefits of an in-house accounts team, plus so much more. More flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy, all for a more cost-effective price. Your dedicated ClockworX team will work with you, providing support and forward-thinking accounts solutions. The team at ClockworX is made up of highly qualified professionals who know what needs doing. You get a dedicated team of experts with the best skills and experience to ensure you stay on top of your GST & FBT Returns. Outsourcing this work allows you to spend your precious time on the things that make a material difference to the success of your business. We are a global team who are highly experienced in our industry and businesses like yours. Get rid of the stress of organising your finances and let ClockworX take care of it.

What is a GST Return?

If you are a GST-registered business, you will add GST (Goods & Services Tax) to the price of the goods or services you offer. You will need to pay that tax to the IRD periodically, and you also can claim back any GST charged on business supplies and purchases. When you file a GST return, you declare the record of how much GST you collected on sales and how much was paid on purchases, and you will then either pay or be refunded the correct amount.

What is a FBT Return?

Fringe benefit tax (FBT) is a tax payable when benefits are supplied to the employees or shareholders, such as vehicles, loans, free or discounted goods and services, employer contributions to sick, accident or death benefit funds, and more. If you provide any of this to your employees, you are liable to pay FBT. ClockworX can help you calculate and file your FBT returns.

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