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About Us.

Enabling New Zealand businesses to make better business decisions.

Our Story.

ClockworX was founded with a simple purpose:
To enable New Zealand businesses to make better business decisions.

In order to make better business decisions, business owners typically need:

  1. More time and energy to work on the business.
  2. Clean, accurate and timely financial information.

Our mission: To provide you with a smarter accounts solution that saves you time and money.

Prior to starting ClockworX, founder Angela Fisher spent many years working with New Zealand businesses as a Chartered Accountant in public practice. Time and again she has seen businesses struggle with limited time and resource, energy invested in ineffective places and inaccurate, late and inconsistent financial information. The result of these struggles; cashflow challenges, poor margins, impaired growth, endless frustration and sadly a loss of business owner passion.

The solution: ClockworX – a cost-effective, outsourced accounts service that is customised for your business needs.

The ClockworX Way is the foundation of our unique model. It has been developed to ensure you feel confident that your accounts are in the best hands. A combination of design, optimisation, smart technology and a cloud-based system delivers you clean, accurate and timely data. 

ClockworX gives you the confidence to make informed decisions.

When you choose ClockworX, you get a dedicated team of experts with the best skills and experience to support your business. We are a global team who are highly experienced in both our industry and businesses like yours.
We genuinely care about our clients. Our clients are always front of mind and we do the best we can to help our clients win.

We sort your accounts, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you and your business.

Our Values.


We are understanding.

We are compassionate, curious to learn about others, seeking to understand other businesses and people’s perspective and circumstance. We show kindness and respect.

ClockworX Values: COMMITMENT - We care about our customers


You can count on us.

We consistently deliver, people can rely on us. We operate efficiently with clear communication. We are results focused and celebrate success.

ClockworX Values: ACCURACY -Correct and precise


We are precise.

We pride ourselves on accuracy and quality of our work. We check and double check to ensure every penny is accounted for. We operate with a ‘’right the first time’ ethos.

ClockworX Values: ACCOUNTABILITY - We take responsibility


We take ownership.

We are responsible and always do the right thing. If we make a mistake, we own it and work to find a solution. We operate with strong moral and ethical principles.

Experience The ClockworX Way Today.