The clockworX way

Bookkeeping done the clockworX way

Technology is changing the bookkeeping services are delivered.   At clockworX, we love digital automation and have a passion for using the latest technology to drive efficiency.  The clockworX way packages up the latest in bookkeeping automation using the latest tools which utilise artificial intelligence including machine learning.  This has allowed us to deliver a cost effective, efficient outsourced bookkeeping solution which provides accurate, real time data to our clients.

Onboarding and Transition phases

We can be processing the numbers in your business within two weeks after sign-up. That is just the start of this phase though, our onboarding phase runs for the first two months of our engagement with you. Once past the go-live date, our onboarding team continue to embed and refine our chosen processes for your business to ensure your business’s engine room is ticking efficiently.

Monthly services

Once we have your bookkeeping ticking right, we hand you over to your dedicated team who are responsible for the ongoing processing of your data. This data is moved through four stages:

Data uplift

Data is captured via connected apps and feeds. We provide your staff with mobile apps to collect time and expense data. Depending on the client industry, sales data can be collected via connected apps, or API. Supplier invoices and receipts are uploaded via connected apps or emailed a central address.

Data processing

Our team process the data through Xero and Apps applying the agreed workflow. Processing is daily to ensure you accounts are visible in real time. We utilise functionality built into the tools we use to communicate queries directly with you, online for seamless communication.

Data validation

Our team work to strict quality control processes to ensure the validity of our clients data. Processed data is reviewed and authorised by the client at agreed stages of the workflow.

Output and reporting

We take care of ensuring clients external deliverables and return filing are met.  This can include sales invoices to clients, uploading payroll and supplier payments to banks and filing IRD compliance returns.   Client outputs can include monthly accounts and cashflow forecast reports.

The clockworX way

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