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EnviroStrat, a rapidly growing company in the environmental sector, was facing challenges with their bookkeeping. As the company expanded and made investments in new start-ups, so did their bookkeeping needs. The expansion quickly outpaced the capabilities of their in-house bookkeeping resources.

The Challenge:

EnviroStrat needed to develop an efficient, scalable bookkeeping function that could support their rapid growth. The existing bookkeeping process, needed a comprehensive overhaul.

Despite the dedication of EnviroStrat’s internal staff, the lack of qualifications for the increasingly complex bookkeeping tasks across the main business and its subsidiaries was causing inaccuracy, operational inefficiencies and distraction for existing staff who could not focus on their core roles.

The Solution:

The ClockworX team of experts, were engaged to redesign EnviroStrat’s accounts function. Through a meticulous analysis of existing processes, ClockworX identified areas for improvement and crafted a new and efficient bookkeeping system which included Xero projects and time sheeting to track profitability at project as well as company level.

This new system not only addressed EnviroStrat’s immediate needs but also laid the foundation for scalable growth. The new system was paperless, aligning with EnviroStrat’s commitment to sustainability and it allowed the internal staff members previously burdened with bookkeeping to refocus on their primary role, further supporting the company’s growth.

The Result:

Quantitative results demonstrated a significant improvement in the accuracy and timeliness of EnviroStrat’s financial data following the implementation of ClockworX’s solution. The transition not only led to cost savings through reduced errors but also liberated internal resources for more strategic use.

The management team gained confidence in making informed business decisions with reliable, up-to-date financial information. This collaborative effort showcased how outsourcing and redesigning the bookkeeping function directly contributed to EnviroStrat’s growth, allowing the company to focus on its core purpose with the assurance of an efficient and scalable bookkeeping system.

What EnviroStrat Have To Say:

“ClockworX’s transformation of our bookkeeping function has been a game-changer. Our financial data is now accurate, timely, and easily scalable to our growth. Plus, our team can focus more on what we do best – creating environmental strategies and creating in high growth, environmentally impactful businesses.” Nigel Bradly – CEO, EnviroStrat.

Is your business growth being hindered by inefficient bookkeeping?

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